Do I need a proofreader for my website?

Proofreading a website is very much the same principle as proofreading any document or text; looking for and correcting any errors and inconsistencies in spelling, grammar, punctuation and formatting which may have gone unnoticed in the writing and editing process.

Your website is the digital representation of you and your business so ensuring it’s polished gives a professional appearance and will boost credibility with your customers. People tend to focus on an error which could result in a loss of customer trust.

Catching errors and mistakes in your own work is not only difficult but can also be very time consuming. The human brain is very clever which can work against us here, it is able to scan text and make sense of it regardless of small mistakes. I will thoroughly check your website looking for and correcting these errors. The demands of any business, new or established, can be hectic and I will provide efficiency and a calm head.

Spellchecking software will help to catch spelling errors as you type but it can have a limited dictionary and will not spot an error where the incorrect word has been used. Grammar checking software also has limitations as the English language has so many variations and idiosyncrasies.

How do you proofread a website?

I use Microsoft Word and its Track Changes Software.  If the website is not yet published then I will ask for the text as a MS Word document, if the website is published I can copy and paste directly from the website into MS Word myself. 

Once I have finished proofreading the text I will return two versions of the document.  The first version you will be able to accept (or reject) all or some of the changes I have made and the second version will be a clean copy with all changes accepted.

I can also check your live website to ensure all links work as expected and the formatting is consistent on the screen.